Despacho Ceremonies offered

In the Inca tradition a prayer bundle or Despacho is offered in ceremony to show our gratitude and to enter into right relationship with all of life, with our earth and with ourselves.We make this offering to the earth and to the heavens, in thanks, using ingredients that are natural and using our breath, voice and intention to engage with the sacred. While creating the Despacho, we hold a vision of the best possible outcome and we offer our gratitude for that abundant, beautiful, sweet vision, while thanking the universe for what is about to come our way. This powerful alignment with the forces of nature is done in the spirit of service to ourselves, our families and our communities. We are gifting ourselves abundant blessings that radiate out like ripples in a lake, creating balance in the world. During the Despacho Ceremony we are bridging ordinary and non-ordinary realms in order to establish new patterns of possibility. A link is established between our three centres of interaction with the physical universe, our Yankay or personal power, our Munay or source of love and our Yanchai or source of wisdom. The contents of the bundle may have symbolic significance though it is with our focus and intent that shifts in the energy of the universe are created.

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