Kambo is one of natures most powerful anti-bacterial, anti-viral and anti-inflammatory substances known to man. The secretion of the Giant Green Tree Frog is used by indigenous tribes in the Amazon for cleansing on a cellular level and to strengthen and energize both the physical and the spiritual and mental bodies as well as to rid the people of “Panema” which is described as a dark cloud of energy or bad luck. It is also used as an immunity boost against fevers and infections.  If you feel called to find new strength, focus and clarity, to be held in scared space while releasing old trauma and belief patterns, depression and emotional and physical toxicity, please contact me, Lori on 07896569678 for an info sheet.

Private one to one sessions, group circles and retreats available upon request.

Scientific research has recently found that Kambo contains several antimicrobial peptides.

Phyllomedusin – A vasodilator that increases blood flow. Also, a neuropeptide produced in the brain and involved in communication between neurons.

Phyllokinin – Involved in helping to maintain a lowered blood pressure.

Dermaseptin – An antimicrobial peptide that interacts with the receptors of the cells in the body allowing the release of toxins.

The frogs are unharmed during the harvest of their secretion. Regular Ceremonies are held in Devon, Cornwall and Southern England and include traditional treatment methods as well as the Chakras, Meridians and Auricular Therapy Systems. Afterwards there is plenty of time for rest and aftercare and a light meal is provided. The exchange is £75 each and 1-3 hours of your time. Gratefully holding space as a certified IAKP Advanced practitioner, I also travel upon request in UK, Europe and beyond.

For more information on Kambo, please visit http://www.iakp.org

Information on Kambo is copyright of Karen Uma Kanya Darke. All rights Reserved.

Copyright of Lori King 2017 All rights reserved.

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