Soul Retrieval Workshops

Please bring blankets and whatever you need to be comfortable lying on the floor. Also, paper and pen.

Shamanism utilises the ability to explore and make changes in the subconscious. The method used in these workshops is “Journeying”. The journeys are voice led and accompanied by live shamanic drumming.

When a soul fragments, usually at the time of trauma, a part returns to the dark feminine womb deep within the Earth Mother. When we suffer from physical illness or emotional ailments it is often due to soul parts demanding to be acknowledged. So, we use journeying to engage with the soul part for restoration and renewal.

These guided journeys are designed to:

  • Familiarise you with journeying techniques
  • Identify and release deeply held unconscious beliefs and patterns that were taken on as a result of trauma or societal frameworks
  • work with what presents itself during the journeys and find a more positive focus, clarity and inspiration with which to “rewrite” stories and patterns that no longer have benefit
  • Experience a direct and empowering shift that may bring about the beginning of a renewed purpose in life.

A part of the workshop will involve a dialogue with a fellow participant in order to help process the information from the journeys.


“I feel like a whole different person with a new blueprint to the one who lay down before the treatment.

It’s as if the memory of me, when I came in, was not me at all but just a card board cut out of me.

Now I feel focused, energized and … like I can move on.” ~Tina P.